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Office of Equity

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Community Fund Project Application

Do you live, work, or study in the Valley or Plateau area of Auburn? Is there a project you and your neighbors would like to do but don't have the funding? Tell us your idea below with a short description of the project and the location.

These are intended to be smaller projects that bring added value to a neighborhood and help connect residents together. An example would be a community garden coordinated and used by the local community. This fund is not intended for infrastructure projects such as road repairs or sidewalks. For more details about the program visit

Applications are accepted in any language. If you or someone from your community needs help filling out the application in a language other than English, please use the translation button above or contact us below.

For questions or help filling out this form contact:
Office of Equity - Neighborhood Programs Coordinator
Address: 25 W Main St


Are you willing to support outreach if you live, work, or study in the project area?

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