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Office of Equity

Chris Lovings


Community Matching Grant Application

The City of Auburn's Neighborhood Program offers Community Matching Grants to create and support partnerships between the City of Auburn and community groups and organizations to produce resident-initiated projects. For further details about the program visit us online at

Applications are accepted in any language. If you or someone from your community needs help filling out the application in a language other than English, please contact us for help.

For questions please contact:
Neighborhood Programs Coordinator
25 W Main St 
Auburn, WA 98001


Address for Project Coordinator

Address for Partnering agency

Project Info

Grant Types

  • Community Improvement Grant (max $2,500)
    Focused on: 
    • Creating an attachment between residents and their community
    • Supporting physical, social and mental well-being of residents
    • Maintaining safe and beautiful communities in Auburn
    • Increasing opportunities for residents to be civically engaged
  • Community Event Grant (max $1,500)
    Focused on organizing community events including potlucks, block parties, holiday gatherings, and more.
  • Community Clean-Up Grant (max $1,500)
    Focused on organizing community clean-up campaigns such as hauling-away junked cars, appliances, and renting temporary dumpsters.


Grant Type Requested (can mix different grant options, but total must not exceed $2,500):

In your opinion, which of the following goals fits your project?

What steps are you taking, or plan to take, to include everybody who lives or does business in your area?

Does the project require on-going maintenance?

Project Budget

How do you propose to satisfy your required match?

Please complete the Detailed Proposed/Estimated Project Budget Worksheet PDF and attach using the document upload link below.
PDF: English  |  Marshallese  |  Russian  |  Spanish  |  Ukrainian

For questions please contact:
Chris Lovings

Please upload your completed Project Budget Worksheet:

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If using volunteer hours, please complete the Volunteer and Support Form (PDF) and attach using the document upload link below.
PDF:  English  |  Marshallese  |  Russian  |  Spanish  |  Ukrainian

For questions please contact:
Chris Lovings

Please upload the Volunteer and Support Form here if using volunteer hours:

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Upload additional documents if needed. (Use the "Upload More" button to attach multiple files. 250MB total limit.)

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